Sports enthusiasts will find many opportunities in and around Bayreuth to exercise their hobby. Thus, there is a skating rink, several swimming pools, two indoor pools and two spas, as well as multiple lakes. Even a golf course is within walking distance.

Bayreuth is beautifully situated. There are two well-known recreational and vacation areas in close vicinity, the Fichtel Mountains in the northeast and the Franconian Switzerland in the southwest. You will find numerous hiking trails and opportunities for winter sports, climbing, canoeing, cycling and more.
Lonely places, untouched nature, vast forests and numerous sports facilities can be reached without a long trip.

Culturally Bayreuth has plenty to offer as well. A large number of museums in and around Bayreuth and also buildings and parks from the Margrave time provide opportunities for recreational and cultural activities. In addition to the Bayreuth Festival, which are the highlight of the events each year, you can find numerous other addresses for gathering cultural experiences.